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My name is Deirdre Kenny. I am based in the Dublin and Wicklow area and am a member of the KAI (Kinesiology Association of Ireland). I first went to a Kinesiologist in 2009 when my baby girl had bad eczema. I am interested in holistic therapies and more natural approaches to health. After one session with the Kinesiologist, my daughter’s eczema disappeared and has never come back. I was amazed!

Throughout the years, I have had Kinesiology sessions for myself and my family for different issues that have arisen: colitis / skin irritations / digestive issues. These issues have been physical in appearance but it is not until you are in the session, that you realise that there is also an emotional and psychological aspect to the ailment. I have had tremendous results throughout the years.

I have a scientific background and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 11 years but my heart has always been interested in holistic therapies and Kinesiology deals with the root of issues, so I decided to train in this fantastic therapy.


I trained in an advanced form called Neuroenergetic Kinesiology under Joan Morton, a fantastic Kinesiologist in Fermanagh. Neuroenergetic Kinesiology was developed by Hugo Tobar who founded the NK Institute.

Modules I trained in include:

Principles of Kinesiology 1-4
Brain Formatting
Chakra Metaphors
Chakra Hologram
NEPS - Neuro Emotional Pathways
Nutrition A
Physiology Formatting

Under the Child Centre Method developed by Dr. Alweena Awan:
Primitive Reflexes
NOT – Neuro Organisational Technique